One place to track your mutual fund investments

8,000+ funds, 40+ companies
Realtime fund updates
Data driven insightsHere

How does it work?

Smart reading technology and direct integration with mutual fund companies gives you a seamless tracking experience


Use email address registered for your mutual fund investments to sign-up on Wealthy’s tracker

Provide statement

Forward consolidated statement to designated email address or sign-up using Google to provide access to your statement

Track & monitor

Once you provide statement, it takes less than 30 seconds for tracker to show a consolidated view of your holdings

10x better experience

Automated data entry

No need to manually enter your transactions. Just sign-up and start tracking your portfolio in a matter of few minutes

Daily updates

Consolidated holding, return values and NAVs are updated on a daily basis


Automated sync

Bought more or sold some? No problem, just press sync button on your tracker dashboard and we will do the rest for you


Insightful information

Get information on allocation across asset classes. Get insights on your holding period and investing strategy


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