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Trade War
Opportunities Galore For India Amid Trade War Between the U.S and China
The U.S. – China trade war is opening new opportunity trails for India. Amid the stiff tariff war between the
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With the markets in turmoil what should you do?
We had written an article almost an year ago on what investors must do when nifty was making new all-time
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Indian Rupee
The Falling Indian Rupee and Potential RBI Intervention
The Indian rupee has been fallen precipitously for past few weeks against dollar, making Rupee worst performing Asian Currency against
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Global Markets
Global economies are in the verge of another major downturn
World economy may soon witness great recession. Tariff war, corporate debt bubble in U.S. and rising crude oil price may
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Five Global Investing Risks To Observe
Global economy is going through a challenging phase. With the onset of tariff war between USA and China, a new
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Student Loan
Things to Consider Before You Head to Seek A Student Loan
Your student loan may become a financial burden for you if it is not taken wisely. It is a big
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Home Loan
Things to Consider before Taking a Home loan
Home loan is a lease of life; it works as a bridge between our aspiration and reality of having our
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How to Create a Strong Monthly Budget
Proper budgeting is one of the strong pillars of financial planning that ensures sound financial base for your future. Having
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How Fresh Medical School Graduates Are Grappling Under Huge Student Loans
The cost of medical education is touching new heights with every passing year, especially, in the private education sector. In
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U.S - China Trade War
The Opportunity You can Grab from Emerging Markets during the Era of U.S – China Trade War
The most unprecedented trade war between the United States of America and China marks the beginning of a new age
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Fifa World Cup Football
Football World Cup Predictions by Big Banks and the Lesson You Can Learn from it
With the advent of FIFA World Cup 2018, the zeal to predict who is going to be the winner has
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Confirmation Bias
The Confirmation Bias: A Self-Destructive Inclination of Mind
Confirmation bias occurs when we start seeking, approving or favoring information that supports or conforms to our belief on something.
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Behavioral Economics
How Mental Accounting Bias Affects Your Finance
Richard Thaler is a Nobel laureate and a pioneer in the field of behavioral economics. Thaler coined the term ‘mental
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The Personal Debt Trap: Why Should You Avoid It
For the last two years, India has been witnessing a steep jump toward increasing personal loans. The Indian household expenditure
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Instant Gratification
How Instant Gratification Damages your Financial Planning
We are living in the age of instant gratification. We often give in to the temptation of fulfilling our desires
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Increasing Longevity and Its Impact on Retirement
The life expectancy rate of India is approximately 68.8 years. With the advancement of medical science and improved standards of
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RBIs New Asset Quality Resolution Framework
RBI’s Non-Performing Assets Resolution Framework for Public Sector Banks
The public sector banks of India are struggling with excess burden of non-performing assets (NPAs).  The Asset Quality Review (AQR)
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Non-Performing Assets
How Public Sector Banks are Reeling under Huge Non-Performing Assets
NPAs arise as a result of faulty lending decisions made by banks in the past. India’s Public Sector Banks (PSB)
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Financial Myths
Five Myths about Financial Planning
You need financial planning to organize your money and investments in order to create wealth, secure future and  fulfill financial
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First Salary
Got your First Salary – Best Time to Start Financial Planning
Joy of receiving the first salary is something that can’t be described in words. The phenomenon of receiving first salary
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Financial Planning for Young Family
Step by Step Guide for Young Parents on Financial Planning
Responsibilities galore when a little bundle of joy, your first child, arrives in your life. For anybody, it becomes a
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Best planner i have ever worked with!

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It has been a wonderful experience working with Zreya. My perception about investments and insurance changed after working with you. Wish you all success and keep guiding common man in making the right financial decisions.

Sreekumar Vallaipoil
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Very pleased with the work Zreya has done so far, and looking forward to engaging them in future also. Good luck!

John K. Thomas
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Realized the danger of self-financial planning

I realized the danger of self-financial planning only after I met Mr. Venkatesh of Zreya Wealth. When I received my financial planning statement I came to know all my wrong decisions. The lessons I learned by a simple fee of 5,000/- was worth lakhs of savings.

Dr. Saneej Kanhirat
Consultant Radiologist

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Very reliable, and comfortable with Zreya, Recommend them!

Ravi Ramasamy
Head (Maintenance), Valeo Friction Materials India Pvt Ltd
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