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NIFTY at all time high. What should you do?

Our straightforward answer will be to turn off the business news channels and go for a walk. Read more.

Why your financial plan will not work?

Having a financial plan is important, Implementing that plan in a diligent manner is even more important. Read more.

Read our take on the demonetization announcement

How this impacts you in the short as well as long run, repercussions of this move on the banking and financial sector, and how it affects asset prices. Read more.

Financial Planning* will not make you happy

As part of our daily business, we work with clients who belong to a broad spectrum when it comes to knowledge in finance, capital markets and investing. Read more.

Structured Products Or Stick with Compounding?

In the past, we have had a number of clients specifically ask us about complex and exotic investment instruments. Almost always it is the profit potential, and opportunity to participate in building long-term wealth that had lured them towards such vehicles. Read more.

Do you know even after buying a life insurance policy your family may suffer when you are not around?

Buying insurance is important, ensuring you have done it properly is equally, if not more important. Read more on how to avoid some common mistakes.


I realized the danger of this self-financial planning only after I met Mr. Venkatesh of Zreya Wealth. When I received my financial planning statement I came to know all my wrong decisions. The lessons I learned by a simple fee of 5,000/- was worth lakhs of savings.

Dr. Saneej Kanhirat

Consultant Radiologist

It has been a wonderful experience working with Zreya. My perception about investments and insurance changed after working with you. Wish you all success and keep guiding common man in making the right financial decisions.

Sreekumar Vallaipoil

Business Analyst, Wipro
Bangalore, India

Very pleased with the work Zreya has done so far, and looking forward to engaging them in future also. Good luck!

John K. Thomas

Sr. Business Finance Manager, M H Alshaya Co, Kuwait
Very reliable, and comfortable with Zreya, Recommend them!

Ravi Ramasamy

Head (Maintenance), Valeo Friction Materials India Pvt Ltd
Chennai, India

Best planner i have ever worked with!

Alex Mathew

Programmer Analyst, Accenture, Bengaluru
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